Baseball Season: Healthy Choices at the Ball Park

Spring has sprung and so has baseball season at Busch Stadium! The Cardinals will play their 2014 Home Opener against the Cincinnati Reds at Busch Stadium on Monday, April 7. And even though enjoying the ballpark food is part of the fun and tradition of the sport, it doesn’t mean you can’t still make healthy choices while watching the Cardinals sweep the scoreboard.

Here are some helpful tips for making healthier choices at the game:

  • Research: If you know you’re going to want a ballpark snack at the game, check your food options before you go. Busch Stadium has a full list of their food vendors here.
  • Healthier options: A ballpark burger can pack on more than 500 calories, opt for a leaner grilled chicken sandwich instead.
  • Ballpark favorites: If it always comes down to roasted peanuts or cracker jacks, opt for the cracker jacks. A cup of ballpark peanuts is loaded with calories and sodium, whereas a box of cracker jacks is only 120 calories.

Go Cards!

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