Event Recap: Missouri Dental Association Winter Session


Our center enjoyed participating in the Missouri Dental Association’s Winter Session meeting where we discussed trigeminal neuralgia. It was a great experience!

Check out our photos from the event below. See our Flickr profile for more.


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Event Spotlight: Missouri Dental Association Winter Session


Next week we will be heading to the Missouri Dental AssociationÊWinter Session meeting to discuss trigeminal neuralgia and its treatment options. With symptoms such as episodes of intense, electroshock-like pain on either side of the face, trigeminal neuralgia can often be misdiagnosed as a dental problem and we’re excited to educate more dentists on this […]


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What’s Happening at Our Center?


We are constantly reminded of the ongoing impact that our team makes on the local cancer care community. Below are a few recent highlights: Our hospital partner, SSM St. Clare, recently honored members of the St. Louis CyberKnife team for their exceptional patient care at the hospital’s 4th Annual Exceptional Performance Awards. The CyberKnife® team, […]


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St. Louis CyberKnife Celebrates First Anniversary


St. Louis CyberKnife is celebrating its first anniversary this month. During the first year of operations, our center has worked to connect with the community and provide an advanced cancer treatment option to patients. Below are a few highlights from the past year. St. Louis CyberKnife joined its hospital partner SSM Cancer Care at St. […]


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St. Louis CyberKnife Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Shares Her Story


St. Louis CyberKnife uses stereotactic radiosurgery to treat patients with a rare and debilitating nerve disorder called trigeminal neuralgia (TN).

While the Facial Pain Association estimates only one in 15,000 people suffer from TN, it can often be misdiagnosed as a dental problem due to the characteristics of the excruciating facial pain the disease causes. TN occurs when a blood vessel compresses the fifth cranial nerve, one of the largest in the head, making everyday activities like chewing, talking or swallowing a potential pain trigger.

Thankfully for St. Louis CyberKnife patient Mary Stanley, a family member was already familiar with TN and helped her identify the cause of her pain much sooner. Doctors initially prescribed Stanley medication, but it did little to ease her pain. She began to consider other treatment options after the unbearable pain led her to the emergency room.

“The pain is almost indescribable,” Stanley said. “When the doctor told me I would be a good candidate for CyberKnife treatment, I was immediately interested because I experienced side effects with pain medication, and I liked that I would not need a surgical procedure for this treatment.”


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Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Testimonial



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