Hear from Our Doctors: CyberKnife Tracks Tumors in Real-Time

For patients with surgically inoperable tumors or those seeking an alternative to an invasive approach, CyberKnife® offers several benefits. Hear from radiation oncologist Dr. David Morris below on how the CyberKnife’s unique tracking system focuses and targets radiation precisely to the tumor while avoiding nearby healthy tissue.
“The CyberKnife allows our physician team to treat tumors throughout the body with very precise doses of radiation,” said St. Louis CyberKnife radiation oncologist Dr. David Morris. “The unique tracking system allows us to monitor tumors in real-time, compensate and correct for patient movement and deliver radiation with extreme accuracy. This can result in fewer overall side effects and allows us to deliver radiation in five or fewer treatment sessions versus the typical 40 or more treatments associated with conventional radiation therapy.”
St. Louis CyberKnife uses the CyberKnife system to treat malignant and benign tumors throughout the body with stereotactic radiosurgery. Many tumors often move during treatment due to normal patient movements. While some technologies rely on static images taken just prior to treatment, the CyberKnife system automatically tracks, detects and corrects for even the slightest motion that might occur throughout treatment delivery.
To learn more about the advanced components of the CyberKnife system, check out our infographic explaining how CyberKnife works.