Hope for Patients with Prostate Cancer

Those diagnosed with any type of cancer are faced with many questions and looking for hope. That’s why AL Gold, named his best race horse Cyberknife, after the prostate cancer treatment he received.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 65, Al Gold asked himself the questions many people faced with a cancer diagnosis ask. What will my treatment be? How will this affect my family? Mr. Gold was determined to find a potential cure for his disease while minimizing the impact of treatment on his daily life. The right choice, for him, was treatment with the CyberKnife system.

After successful treatment, Gold wanted to get the word out to others with cancer and chose to do that by naming his most promising horse after the one-of-a-kind robotic technology used to successfully treat his prostate cancer – CyberKnife “I am using this to get the word out that when you have prostate cancer, you are afraid, but this is a form of cancer that is treatable,” he says.

On April 2, 2022, his three-year old colt won the Arkansas Derby, showing the world his impressive speed! The horse is competing again in the Kentucky Derby on May 7, 2022 – one of the most prestigious – and exciting – horse races in the world. Below is a collection of articles and videos that share Mr. Gold’s story. We hope they will provide you with hope. If you would like to explore whether CyberKnife treatment is right for you, contact us.

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