Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Maintaining Quality of Life During Treatment

As September brings National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month into focus, St. Louis CyberKnife aims to educate prostate cancer patients and their families seeking information about treatment options.

When weighing prostate cancer treatment options, one of the main concerns for men is maintaining their same quality of life during and after treatment.

St. Louis CyberKnife treats prostate cancer with CyberKnife® technology, a powerful, noninvasive robotic radiosurgery system that delivers a form of treatment called stereotactic body radiation therapy. The CyberKnife pinpoints radiation beams to match the size and shape of a patient’s tumor, minimizing exposure to surrounding tissue and critical anatomy, resulting in few to no side effects.

While some conventional radiation therapy treatments for prostate cancer can require up to 40 consecutive treatments, the CyberKnife is able to deliver treatment in just five or fewer outpatient sessions.

The CyberKnife’s ability to reduce treatment visits is a key benefit of our approach for prostate cancer, as it offers minimal disruption to men’s daily lives, allowing a return to normal activities immediately following the procedure.

As a leading cause of cancer death in men, prostate cancer is expected to affect 233,000 men in 2014 alone. For more information about our center’s treatment approach for prostate cancer visit our conditions treated page here.

This is not intended as medical advice to replace the expertise and judgment of your health care team. It is intended to help you and your family make informed decisions, together with your doctor.